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Bookings feature of the Best Travel CRM Software

Travel Software Booking dashboard

Booking dash of our travel CRM software consists of all the bookings features with a status bar, which shows you the count of all the trips and payments.

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Travel Agency Booking calendar

The calendar in travel CEO travel agency is the new component added to the bookings segment, which gives you a brief look at all your reservations of a month.

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Track Voucher status

Know the status of the vouchers sent to your consumers with 4 status displays – sent, not sent, voucher opened, and voucher not opened. Only on our CRM travel agency software!

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30+ booking voucher templates

Our travel CRM for travel industry helps you build a brand and amaze your clients by sending our exclusive 30+ beautiful and attractive booking voucher templates.

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Payment overdue status

Our travel agent CRM for travel agency helps you know whose payment is outstanding so that you can follow them up with the payments.

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Booking reports

The booking section of our online travel agency management system can also generate booking reports which can be download in whichever excel format or graphical format.

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Maintain Customer and supplier payment details

Our travel industry CRM software helps you revise your clients’ and dealers’ payment with ease and maintain payment history for further reference.

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Store attachments / files

Store visa attachments, client insurance, licenses, etc for further references. Only on our online travel agency management system.

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Record flight details

Our travel agent CRM software helps you keep a note of information about your clients for instance flight arrival, departure timings, etc.

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Travel Agency CRM Automated currency conversions

Travel CRM software for travel industry automatically converts foreign currencies w.r.t the default currency.

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Display Balance amount

Our travel software CRM for travel agents displays the due amount for the customers who choose to pay partially. This makes sure that you don’t miss a follow-up for your due amount.

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Rescheduling bookings

Reschedule your reservations and submit the essential information if required. Only on travel CRM software.

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  • One of the most liked features of TravelCRM by the customers.
  • Have a glimpse of all the reservations month-wise at a single go!
  • Track all your reservations with a single click only on TravelCRM.
  • Revising payments made easy!
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  • Impress your clients with colourful booking vouchers!!
  • Traveller name
  • Traveller contact details
  • Travelling date
  • User handling the booking
  • Traveller location
  • Invoice due date
  • Travel type
  • Currency type
  • Descriptions
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Inclusions and exclusions
  • Company logo
  • Exclusive 30+ voucher templates on TravelCRM.
  • Download vouchers in pdf.
  • Mail vouchers directly from Travel industry CRM software.
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  • Update customer payments with ease.
  • Supports Multiple currency conversions.
  • Track payment history
  • Invoice id
  • Payment date
  • Payment mode
  • Balance amount
  • balance due date
  • Automated payment reminders
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Manage Supplier Payments

  • Maintain unlimited suppliers
  • Track supplier payment history
  • Payments done in minutes
  • Supplier name
  • Supplier currency
  • due date
  • Due amount paid
  • Set supplier curency
  • Currency conversions made easier
  • Upload supplier invoices
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Supplier-wise Booking Reports

Generating a booking reports for supplier wise is one of the best and amazing feature which is loved by our travel agents. Using this feature, You can generate a complete report in excel sheet for a particular date range for a particular supplier.

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Booking Reports

You can generate comprehensive graphical & excel sheet report for your bookings. Few of them are as below

  • Graphical reports
  • Download reports in excel
  • Track all the bookings
  • Travel date-wise Booking reports
  • Booking date-wise reports
  • Destination wise report
  • Employee wise booking report
  • Travel type wise booking report
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Send Quotation

Send unlimited travel quotations to your customers from the lead dashboard. You can track each and every quotation sent for future reference.